More Ministries

Our desire at NorthRidge is that you would come to know Jesus as your Savior, grow in your relationship with Him, and that you would engage in the work He has for you to accomplish. We also highly regard the value of family. Our intentions at Northridge are not to get you busy to the neglect or pulling apart of the family, but to get you more effective at being like Christ in order to reach and equip people for Christ without borders. So I want to share two things. First, the following is not an exhaustive list of ministries and activities. Second, these events are not intended to divide the family, but will hopefully strengthen the common bond of Christ in the family. Busyness is not a good measure of our spirituality, so please choose wisely what will be best for you and your family in order to stay focused on our purpose to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and to be equipping ourselves to reach and equip other people for Christ without borders.  Finally, please do not limit your thinking to merely what can I do to grow, but also include the thinking of how can I serve one another.

Small Groups  At NorthRidge Church, we encourage involvement in a Small Group for the purposes of developing deeper relationships with other believers and encouraging Christian discipleship. We will be having another Small Group launch coming in August, so we ask that you would commit yourself to a Small Group for encouragement to become more like Christ and to be involved in His mission of reaching and equipping people without borders.

NorthRidge Nebraska Campus Ministry Team Meeting – On the third Monday night of every month, starting in September, a team of people meet at the church in Nebraska for the expressed purpose of being trained for ministry as well as evaluating and planning some future parts of the ministry.

NorthRidge Seneca Campus Ministry Team Meeting – On the fourth Monday night of every month, starting in September, a team of people meet at the church in Seneca for the expressed purpose of being trained for ministry as well as evaluating and planning some future parts of the ministry.

NorthRidge Sabetha Ministry and Leadership Team Meetings – This is how we get involved in ministries and get better trained to reach and equip people for Christ.  We meet the second Monday night of every month, starting in September, in Sabetha for those involved in ministry in Sabetha.  We have a light meal available at 6 p.m. then we receive some training from 6:30 p.m.-7 p.m.  We then break up into various ministry teams.  This is a great time where ministries can gather to shoot vision for their area of ministry as well as planning.  It is also a great opportunity for those trying to figure out where to get involved.  The leadership will gather back in the fellowship hall at 8 p.m. for their monthly meeting.  They are fun, informative and great at building in the encouragement we need to reach and equip people for Christ without borders!  Everyone is invited to any of these meetings.

Local Outreach – We continue to be involved in many ministries in our community and ask you to also consider how God may use you to serve in any of these.  We support the local food pantry on Main Street, My Friends House and My Sisters House, and the Harvester's truck that comes to church each month serving many families. We also work in conjunction with our corrections department for jail visitation and special programs to remember the families who have a parent jailed, as well as with families around the world through a couple of Christmas programs.  We have also give to people in the community and other ministries in Kansas like rescue missions and unwed mother homes.

The Family Development Center – We have heard it said by many government officials that our Family Development Center in Sabetha is top notch!  We agree.  We have 16 full and part-time staff that keep the wheels turning while investing into the lives of young children.

Children’s Ministries – It continues to be amazing how many children we have in Sabetha, Seneca, and Nebraska.  We have Sunday school classes in Sabetha and Nebraska, as well as an afterschool program in Nebraska on Wednesdays.

Youth Ministries – In Nebraska the youth ministry is being led by Pastor Ryan Weaver.  In Sabetha Pastor Cale heads up a staff to provide weekly Sunday school, small groups, and an outreach program.  There are also activities and yearly camps and conferences.

Blankets of Love – On the second and fourth Wednesday nights during the school year, people gather in the Sabetha fellowship hall to make blankets for homeless children and hurting people in the Kansas area.  Join them!  You can bring material, help sew, or just be an encouragement.  They will also help teach you if you would like to learn and serve in such a tangible way.  Questions?  Contact Janet Summers at

Serving Divisions – This is a group of 300 ladies who are willing to cook, bake, serve, and clean up; whatever it takes to host family and friends in light of a death.

Greeters – These are the people that greet you and hand you the informational bulletin.  This is another vital ministry to create the atmosphere of love that we enjoy.  Please contact Elaine Mowder in Sabetha or Kathy Gulland in Nebraska to be a greeter some time. 

Welcome Team - These are the people in Sabetha who help you park, open the doors, guide you to places and give you information and a smile!  Do you want to be a part of this team?   Contact Bill Kent - or Von Lauer -

Hospitality Events – This is a team that serves light meals and refreshments to the ministry & leadership teams as well as any other special conference or hosting event.  Cynthia Strahm ( heads up this team.

New Mother’s Meals – This is a ministry that provides meals to mothers after childbirth. Join in by contacting Randi Schmid at

Sunday Morning Hospitality – Do you love that cup of coffee and cookies on Sunday morning?  This team desires to create that warm environment by providing these each week.  There are people who set up and people that clean up and people that bake the cookies! Please contact Sandy Aberle to serve or Betty Kellenberger to bake!

Sunshine Committee – This is a team who encourages the shut-in by sending cards and/or visiting. Ineva Lee heads this up, and if you want to be in on this incredible ministry to those we must remember, please contact her.

Women’s Bible Study – This is a Bible Study Group for women that meet on the first Thursday of every month at 9 a.m. to study and fellowship.  All are welcome!

Sunday School – Every Sunday we offer Bible study classes both in Sabetha and Nebraska.  In Nebraska we have a group that meets at 9:30 a.m. In Sabetha they meet at 10 a.m.

Missions Team – Pastor Andrew leads the mission team on how to better care for our missionaries and how to keep the mission of reaching and equipping people for Christ without borders before the congregation in order to motivate more personal involvement.

There are also home teams for the missionaries. If you would like to be a part of an existing home team, please contact the team leaders.

Choir – This group of dedicated singers practice on Wednesday nights at 6:30 p.m. starting in September, and they sing at least once a month in varied services.  Feel free to show up when you can and join in!

Men’s Prayer Time - Every Monday morning at 6 a.m. men meet at the Sabetha church to pray for one another and the many missionaries we support around the world.  We would encourage every man to come and pray together as often as you can make it.

Welcome to Sabetha Team – We have a group of people who welcome the newcomers in town.  Each month this team gets information and fresh baked items to new families in town.  Contact Dean Strahm or Judy Emert.

Recovery Through Christ - Meeting at NorthRidge Nebraska on Mondays at 5:30 pm and meeting at NorthRidge Sabetha at 6 pm on Fridays in Room 140. Contact Mike Oom at 785-285-2024.

Other servants of ministries – We also have people that keep the church buildings clean and up-to-date, technology people that run the sound, lights, video, cameras and website.  We have some that make sure there are flowers, pens and connect cards in the sanctuaries and that help keep a warm environment.  We have people that decorate not only our main buildings but also our youth building.  We have people overseeing the building to make sure we are warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  All these people serve week after week behind the scenes so that the ministries of the church, including our four worship services, can be productive for people being reached and equipped for Christ without borders.  Thank you.