About Us

Our Story
NorthRidge Seneca began with a small group of committed people who had a desire for the people of Seneca to know Christ. In January 2013 in the corner of a pizza shop we started gathering together as a church eager to "Reach and Equip People for Christ." In 2014 we purchased an old church building and began renovations. By 2015 we had finished renovations and had a building big enough to seat 150 people. During this time, committed believers took Jesus at His Word and formed ministries to reach children and youth. Men's and women's discipleship meetings began to form as people took the Gospel personally.
As the Seneca campus continues into the future, we are confident that the Kingdom of God was advancing before we existed and will continue after we're gone. We desire to make the biggest impact on eternity with our time here on earth.

Our Leadership

NorthRidge Church believes in an elder-led church with congregational decision-making involvement. The day-to-day leadership, shepherding and decision-making are done by the pastors, staff and ministry team leaders under the guidance and oversight of congregation approved, biblically qualified men.

NorthRidge Seneca Elders:

Jason Drahota

Jerry Leuthold

John Jost